Thursday, April 17, 2008

Me, myself and beloved Mum

18 April 2008
I am leaving Malaysia today for good, today. Previous few trip is just for short period of time. I have been sending people off aboard for so many time. This round is my turn, leaving malaysia for few years.

Now only i can really feel the mood and the emotion....... i really worry about my beloved mum.... worry that she is will be alone at home...... and she only manage to see her son next year 21 Jan 2008 when I am back to Malaysia.

again, is this a good decision? or a very selfish decision, I have left behind my beloved mum feeling for not able to see her son everyday. Mum is already 54 year old, now I only leave her alone (with her Husband and her eldest son).... how would her feel?

I am sorry mum if I have make you worry about me, I am sorry mum if I have offended you, I am sorry mum if I have done anything wrong in the past. I am sorry...................................

Mum, Can you please promise me to take care of yourself? Please do not worry about the money, What I want is not money but is your health....... I will get marry as soon as possible as I know you wanted to enjoy fun with your grand children, I foresee that you will pampered your children.........

Mum, I LOVE YOU............. Please take care.........................

Your Son

Sunday, April 6, 2008


06 April 2008 Sunday
Sunday. Just another two weeks before my departure to Beijing, or it should be 12 days. Today, Parents and me were haing dinner at KLCC california Pizza, it cost about RM 138. But i wonder do they really enjoy the dinner?

How come I neve thought of having dinner with them every Sunday? I only starting to do that wheni decide to work in Beijing? Am i doing that too late? I do not know.........

Am I a good Son? I do not think so......... why? It really could not be explained.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mum Vs Beijing

All the while, I been thinking that mother is ok for me to go beijing........

today, finally she voices out her concern....... she implies me to stay....... as I have a very secured job in Malaysia and my living is above average as compared to others.

she claimed why i wanted to go beijing just for more money? I can fully understand her concern.... and mum is the person that I worried most....

Am I too selfish? by leaving her around in Malaysia at the age of 54 and my brothers have just passed away not long ago.... yet my eldest brothers can not careless about my mum.....

What will happen if i stay in my current employer? Chua is leaving CRS and moving to shanghai too. With Mr Choo as head of Risk, with present of Nandha, I do not really see much prospect in CRS....all the covered by Nandha........ he will be the shinning star in front of Mr Choo

I really wanted to give her a hug and tell her "Mum, I Love you". I wanted she to be more mum too in next life, next few life, and forever.....

I will do my best in Tao to ensure her will not suffer anymore in her life and enjoy in heaven.

again, mum I Love U

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tag Heueur + Liver

25 March 2008 Tuesday

Bonus Month. I still received my bonus even though I have tendered m resignation. Thanks to GOD.

I have been spent money like crazy lately. Finally I have bought my dream watch---- Tag Heueur Calibre S series which cost me RM 9, 400.

I wanted to increase my life insurance policy before i go to China to work just wanted to have a greater and better protection for my future life. I have requested to increase the life protection to RM 1 million which cost me RM 1,500 a month's premium.

Due to high sum insured, medical check up is mandatory. I am quite confident with my body condition, I have been taking care for my blood pressure. but i forget to take good care of my liver.

Medical report is out today, received call from my insurance agent Eric that the medical result is unfavourable especially for my liver. Liver ratio is extremely high, 100% about the normal level.

First doctor advice is that nothing to worry about, this is a norm. However, Eric has seeked second opinion from 2nd Doctor.

2nd doctor has advised to go for ultra sound checking..........

This really make me worry....... what will happen to me? my mum?...........

Life is full of uncertainty....................................................
life is short...........................................................................
Life is not just about money ............................................

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Finally LV

21 March 2007 Friday

Today is Friday, casual date. I woke at about 5.30 am and heading to gym for jogging. I jogged for 30 minutes and did some hand weight training.

Back home at around 7.00 am and ready to work at 7.30 am. The normal back street where i parked my car was blocked by police for some special function.

Today not in the good mood. I never speak a word after reaching office. then i start my work for the reporting deadline. Then Noticed, my boss and the new joiner have a meeting with the division head, my heart feel uneasy, do not why. However, I told myself that i must to "normal heart" to face all the challenges and the changes.

times fly, it reached 4.45pm, end of working day. I take my car and heading to KLCC to buy my dreamed LV built.

shit, stomachache half way through, nearly going to shit in car due to the long waited traffics light. Finally, I managed to shit in the office food court toilet.... save my underwear, safe my jeans, safe my car , ha ha ha =).

I reached KLCC, First I go to Isetan and though of to buy few CK shirt. realise that the design is not really what I am looking for, The one i wanted to buy is rather expensive, only discount 20%, original price is RM599......

Then, Just walked around, notice there is CK underwear cheap sale, 5 for RM100, 4 for RM100 and 3 for RM100. The newest design i wanted to buy just off 50%.

Then went to Parkson to look for the CK underwear too. not sure is that any discount. Same nothing much special. However, I observed a trend, they have removed all the CK underwear from the shall and replaces with the new brand 2(x) ist. This proven than, once you are no longer in demand, then you Will be replaced very soon. did not buy anything.

then I worked to LV shop. heading straight to the men's belt section, look at the white LV i wanna to buy. but that is not the desired design i wanted to buy, the desired buckle design with white in colour is not available.

However, chooses then white belt which cost RM1,400. Ha ha, finally, I bought my first LV product. Wanted to buy a LV wallet and it cost RM 1,150. Wanted to buy, but I have just bought a braun buffet wallet last few weeks cost RM 177. else i would have bought the LV wallet =(.

Then i moved back to Isetan to buy the CK underwear, 5 for RM100. and bought a pair of shoes cost RM 103.

Today total spend = RM1,400 + RM100 + RM105 = RM 1,605....

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Public Holiday Malaysia

Today is a public holiday in Malaysia. I am suppose to meet my friend for breakfast, but i did not turn out eventually.

The main reason is that i am reluctant to his sister see me with few pounds more. I woke up around 9am, I persaude myself to slim down and to urge myself look better when report to work in beijing next month.

Well, the reality if that I am lust and tempted to all tasty food. I went to ta pao one nasi lemak and char kui teow for my breakfast.

I went ot pavillion today just to have a peace of mind and at the mean time I need to buy some shirts, pants for my new job in beijing. beisde that, I wanted to buy myself a LV belt which cost me about RM1,400 and I wanted to buy a Tag Heueur which cost me anothe RM 7,520.

But, I am been asking myself is that really neccessary to buy these two luxury item?

I went to LV to look for he first item i wanted to buy. Yes! i found it, a white LV belt. It is very very very tempted, then i found another design which cost me RM 1, 950, but it does not have white in colour. The conclusion is I did not buy any.......

I went to Timberland at lot 10 to utilised the RM200 voucher which i redeemed from citibank credit card. I wanted to buy a sweater which I though it is good for winter and spring in Beijing, but it is pricy at about RM 1500, whcih mean i still need to top up another RM 1,3oo with my vouhcers.

Then I decided to buy another jacket which cost me RM599. I have tried and I requested a dark brown colour but no sotck =(.

Well, i have made up my mind to simply buy a shirt and a pai sock just to dispose the vouchers. Finally, I bought a white L size t shirt and sock where i need to top up another RM 28.

Then I went to Isetan at Lot 10, thought of to buy few pieces of CK working shirts but Isetan Lot 10 did not sll CK shirt. Howeverm I have bought a shirt (louis and clerk) for RM 119 (10% discount).

Then I went back to Tangs. I wanted to buy a very cute Japan country T shirt but no size, left with only "S". No choic again, then I have to choose "Englang" with L size and I have bought a very short and sexy short =). Both from Private structure, RM 89 + rm 69 (all with 10 dicsount).

I promised myself That i ust wear the England T shirt in my trip to hong kong, and i must give them a surprise with my nw look =).

especially with the impression of "Wah, why so good looking already" =), ha ha